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About me


Hi there!

Please allow me to introduce myself to all of you beautiful women and gentlemen that are looking to purchase or just connect to the world or waist beads. My name is Jay!  I am excited to share my handcrafted waist beads with you, your family, and friends. 

I fell in love with waist beads at a young age. My Ghanian girlfriend was wearing them and I thought they were so beautiful and soon found out the amazing benefits of wearing them; what I love about making waist beads is that I put my heart and soul into each design. I practice crystal healing which is also incorporated into some of the designs. In the healing process, my family and I stopped eating meat and started meditating and exercising more.  We are all on a journey to become our best selves from within. 

I look forward to learning and growing with my customers and the community.

 Every waist bead is designed with you in mind. All of the waist beads are handmade and custom made to fit You!   You can order custom designs for wedding parties, individuals, families, BFF's, and more. The goal is to have our design on the waist of women across the globe.

We are a small business with a big heart and want to build trust within our communities.

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